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Cooking with wine

  • Recetas de lomito saltado  a la SANGRE DE RONDA

          cut up into small pieces 1 kilo of meat preferably cover beef , meat previously seasoned with salt and pepper fried, golden meat once removed , cut into julienne strips 1 onion and fry 2 cloves of minced garlic and a teaspoon aji ground panca ( but you get can be chilli ) , add half pepper cut into strips ( a red room and a green room ) wait 2 minutes, do not let them get too you poche , add the meat , incorporating soy sauce, a splash of red wine and a quarter cup of water and simmer with the pot covered for 10 minutes, after adding 4 pre-cut and fried potatoes , julienned 1 tomato , correct salt sprinkling chopped parsley and serve . - Potatoes add 30 seconds before serving because otherwise all that there will be released juguito stew < / p> to dry         

  • Recipes QUAIL STUFFED WITH PEARS TRIM THE BLOOD OF ROUND . < / li >         < / ul >         


    • pears Recipes BLOOD OF ROUND < / li >         < / ul >         

      peel pears , leaving the stalk , and pornen in a pan large enough to hold right and circle , as he misses a few cloves, a cinnamon stick . a shell lime , three quarter liter of red wine and a good hundred and fifty grams of sugar . let simmer echandole occasionally their own juice left over wine reduce until the consistency of a syrup rather espesito and very blanditas peres Level: Medium < / p>         

      • Recipes PORK MEDALLION Ullucos SAUCE ROUND THE BLOOD . < / li >         < / ul >         

        sofrite stubborn onion in butter until it crystallizes , once this add the red wine and let reduce a little , add the fresh tomato juice and simmer for 8 minutes , then add the liquefied ullucos in broth meat cooked and simmer for 10 minutes, after that add the cream, salt and pepper and Parmesan cheese , reduce to a smooth sauce , then this place to roast the pork medallions spiced in a hot pan , and once again are ready ullucos put sauce on a plate on it and the pork medallions , serve with mashed potatoes or mixed vegetables garlic wing . Level: High < / p>         

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          one is Colaca tenderloin medallion on the plate , sealing the end he makes a small incision in half, without making the cut end is stuffed with mozarella bufala least two slicing cheese . In a pan place brunoise onions and a touch of garlic will add some fresh mushrooms , red wine is desglacea with marsala wine and a touch of him Colaca sugar salt and pepper and place cut leaves some demi -glace proceed to place in the oven along with the spine is given the desired term and serve with some sprouts sauteed with bacon, onion and peppers . Level: High < / p>         

          • Recipes crumbs to Vicente BLOOD ROUND < / li >         < / ul >         

            ( This is done because it is too dry and you have to eat something along with them to help swallow them anyway seem to be more palatable ) . Sure, irrigated with a good red wine of Las Cinco Villas . Level: Medium Recipe feet pork BLOOD OF ROUND put to you ervir pig's feet in a pot with water 3 hours after a large skillet and wave prepare the sauce, to make the sauce you need onion , garlic , red wine, pepper , parsley , oregano , black pudding, put the onion in the oil when so check put the whole 5 to 6 cloves garlic, then you put parsley, oregano a little, then tacos sausage 4 or 5 taquitos , then put your feet pork in, add a little broth where you ervido pig's feet , then put some red came a chorrete , then you put pepper ah your taste, you let ervir half hour and let it rest an hour and ready . this buenissimoooo ! ! . Level : AltoRecetas of the blood carapulcra ROUND Ingredients 1/2 kilo of pork ( or rib Magro preference) , aji panca ( hot pepper alternative ) , dried potatoes ( they sell in shops for Latin American products ) 1 1/ 2 chopped onion finely , 2 cloves garlic, 3 tablespoons crushed peanuts ( peanuts ) red wine, salt, pepper and cumin. preparation was previously cut meat browns , remove it, in the same oil add the cebola , garlic and aji panca , fry fry until the meat and add the dried potatoes , add salt pepper and cumin (do not add much better then correct salt ) , mix well , cover with red wine and beef broth, is left in the heat for 1 hour over low heat , after this period you add crushed roasted peanuts mixed well and allowed in heat 10 minutes more . Serve with white rice good Level: Medium < / p>         

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              two smoked pork chops 2 glasses of dry red wine 1 can chickpeas natural soy sauce , minced garlic , salt and pepper to taste * . 1/4 teaspoon sugar 1 /2 tablespoon Maizina Preparation: Step 1 chops are thawed (if they come frozen) Step 2: a skillet over medium heat Heat and chops are added it letting them skip (note: not need to add any lipid - oil, butter , lard, etc. - . since they are skipped in its own fat ) until golden brown. . Step 3: Remove from heat chops by placing them on absorbent paper towels so they absorb excess oil . Step 4 : In the same pan place 1 1/2 cup dry wine and is mounted to the fire to reach the boiling point. Heat to low and reserved standing chops so impregnate with wine are placed. At the same time , are added previously drained chickpeas . Step 5: correcting seasoning adding seasonings indicated (note : watch salt *) and Maizina dissolved in 1/2 cup of remaining wine , to thicken the sauce is added. Step 6: Serve with sauce covering the chickpeas and above , accompanying with contours choice < / p> (may be blank or with noodles , fried potatoes, fried cassava , salads, rice etc. . )         

              • CHICKEN BLOOD OF ROUND < / li >         < / ul >         

                To prepare this chicken in wine : A chicken bucking a celery plant two onions chopped green pepper A pint of white wine Olive oil Cream milk Salt and freshly ground pepper First , you need to chunk chicken. Remove skin , pat dry and season with salt dams and pepper. Then , heat a little olive oil in the pan where you go to prepare it and put it to brown. Then, once the chicken is golden and you simply must remove some minutes on the same background cooking , brown the onions , celery and bell pepper , finely chopped everything properly . Once the vegetables are sauteed and added the wine and chicken pieces . Cook until the chicken is ready, adding a few minutes before the end of milk cream and some herbs of your choice, as they could be chopped parsley or thyme . Serve with white rice , mashed potatoes or applesauce good . < / P>         

                • Rice BLOOD OF ROUND < / li >         < / ul >         

                  To prepare the rice wine need the following ingredients : Two cups of rice some chicken pieces Two Three Three peppers tomatoes onions Three cloves of garlic A glass of red wine oil Salt , freshly ground pepper and spices of your choice to start preparing the rice wine , you must first start with the chicken. Take the parts of your choice and put them to fry until golden brown . Once ready ( then finish cooking ) , remove them . You then have to finely chop all previously peeled vegetables. So , on the very bottom of cooking chicken , place the plant starts . First the garlic , then the onions , peppers and tomatoes. Let the vegetables are cooked, add the rice , wine glass , the amount of water ( or broth ) and rejoins enough chicken. Once it is all cooked , remove and serve , after grinding salt , pepper and spices . You'll see it is a great recipe to make wine . < / P>         

                  • FRIED STEAK ALA BLOOD OF ROUND < / li >         < / ul >         

                    To make this tenderloin sauteed in red wine should use these ingredients : A kilo of beef tenderloin A glass of red wine a pepper One large onion Two cloves of garlic A tomato julienned Soy sauce Oil Salt , black pepper and First spices , put oil in a pan and fry the meat cut into cubes. By then , you should have already chopped onions and garlic. Add them . Once something already cooked , add the pepper strips . < / P>         

                    then be the turn of a splash of soy sauce and glass of red wine. Let the mixture cook until the wine is reduced and the meat is cooked . When by the end of cooking , add the previously peeled tomatoes , seeded and finely chopped . Also, if you want you can rectify with flowing cream. Obviously, a correction will be needed salt and pepper . And if you like you some kind as thyme, below. It will be a magnificent meal , you can serve with white rice or mashed potatoes < / p>         

                    • BEEF BLOOD ALA ROUND < / li >         < / ul >         

                      600 g lean beef 250 g mushrooms 300 g of cocktail onions 125g tomato puree 2 glasses of dry red wine 1 cup vegetable broth 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 teaspoons cornstarch dissolved in 2 tablespoons water 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon fresh thyme , chopped 1 bay leaf salt and pepper Cut the meat into cubes and put in a bowl adding the wine , thyme , garlic and bay leaf. Cover and let marinate for 2 hours. Drain them reserving the marinated meat . < / P>         

                      Heat oil in a nonstick skillet and cook the meat until it changes color. We place the beef broth, reserved puree and marinated in a heavy-bottomed pot . Cook over low heat until the meat is tender , about 1 hour . We heat again nonstick skillet in a little oil and cook the mushrooms and onions until golden brown . < / P>         

                      incorporate into the pot . Added , removing the dissolved cornstarch. We cover and cook over low heat for 30 minutes. Salt and pepper and serve immediately < / p>         

                      • VEAL WITH ROUND THE BLOOD OF MUSHROOMS < / li >         < / ul >         

                        Ingredients : 750 gr beef 30 gr flour 100g clarified butter 2 tablespoons tomato puree 750 ml beef broth For the marinade : 1 liter of good red wine 200 g mirepoix of vegetables (explained below) 2 cloves garlic, minced black pepper for guarninión : 150 gr of small onions 60 gr butter salt and freshly ground pepper One teaspoon sugar 150g bacon 100g mushrooms 1 teaspoon parsley acaeite Preparation: 1. < / p>         

                        meat is cut into cubes , all the ingredients for the marinade in a bowl and mix the meat is added. Cover and let stand at least 12 hours. Two . The meat is removed, saving the marinade. Chunks of beef in paper towels are dried , passed in flour and brown in clarified butter (ie previously has been reheated and cast , to remove impurities ) . Three . Strain the marinade , reserve the liquid and vegetables are added to the meat, along with the tomato paste and lightly browned (pictured above ) . The wine is then added the marinade and boil until reduced by half . At this point we begin to smell all the cooking blessed glory. April . Beef broth is added and cook on low and medium heat covered for an hour and a half. Meanwhile prepare the garnish : put in a pot the onions , half the butter and enough water to cover , sugar and pepper and allow to cook until they are golden brown. May . Cleaned and sauté the mushrooms with the remaining butter. < / P>         

                        In a skillet fry the bacon in a little oil , drain the fat and add the mushrooms . Presentation: I have served in a bowl the meat accompanied the candied onions and mushrooms sauteed with bacon , but can also be present all mixed < / p> .