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Costumes Exhibition Goyescos         

From November 8 is open to the public at the Interpretation Centre Bodegas Blood of Ronda, located in the historic center of this city.         

tribute to Pepa Borrego, whose hands and imagination have left nearly 400 costumes and over 50 years we commemorate .         

Pepa Borrego born in the post- war and early age displayed great talent for design and sewing , being very wide where his work reached its peak certainly in performing traditional costumes Ronda Goya .         

Since making the first back in 1961 have grown into their core business.         

Each year the public looks forward to your designs.
That singular artist Ronda has been the creator of most of these spectacular costumes each year look at the Bullfight Goya and you could say it's almost the inventor ( at least as currently known ) .
Their models have inspired a large international designers creating their own school designs that are immortalized in thousands of photos that have been around the world.         

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of his first suit wanted to pay tribute to this artist with an exhibition showing the evolution that have had their suits over 5 decades , as they are all completely different from each unique exclusive models and , but that if everyone keeps their label, ie harmony, combination of colors, stylized female figure and the baroque to provide all materials that are added to your creations . trimmings , embroidery lace, etc.         

This exhibition is accompanied in parallel poster Bulls Goya from his early days , conjuntándolas in a unique atmosphere .
This exhibition which opens temporarily is designed with the intention to remain in a permanent exhibition that will be on-site blood Bodegas de Ronda, costumes and posters of your own background.         


singular artist and artisan , is born in Ronda in the Spanish post- Civil War days , especially in this tough and dramatic times it was common for all family members contribute to household maintenance.         

Pepa was no exception since childhood and started his apprenticeship in a sewing workshop , perfecting their craft and providing small income to your home.         

later excelled as a dressmaker / designer printing a unique stamp to all your creations (very stylized and imaginative costumes that are perfectly adapted to the female body ) and working in their own workshop.         

Married to Ramon Flores ( friend and manager Antonio Ordonez with the Master of the Plaza de Toros de Ronda) and alma mater of Goya Run since its inception.         

This union makes it very hard to live all around this stunning Ronda celebration , being encouraged to make their first goyesco suit in 1961 , this being the first of more than 375 costumes to date , all of and each of them different and special .         

an inspiration only has pictures of Francisco de Goya , just 4 or 5 female paintings, which will be the basis of this feat , which is recognized and appreciated around the world, the most notable current fashion designers .         

realization includes all kinds of precious fabrics , rhinestones , lace , threads , embroidery ... making unique priceless pieces. Adapted exclusively for the person chosen . Their costumes and designs have served both as an inspiration to the great designers from around the world.         

first GOYESCA RUN ROUND was held in honor of the Bicentennial of the birth of Ronda bullfighter Pedro Romero in 1954 .         

Since then he has held to this day, currently held during the first days of September.

singular bullfight evokes the era painter Francisco de Goya, contemporary of this killer , who is credited with the invention of bullfighting as we know it today.

fundamental part of this celebration are the costumes worn by the slaughter that day , flaggers and a select group of young rondeñas ( usually 18 ladies and honorary president ) , which each year add color and splendor to this extraordinary holiday that is declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia

The Ordonez family, represented in the figure of Cayetano Ordonez Aguilera ( Niño de la Palma ) and Antonio Ordóñez Araujo have finished giving splendor , and international diffusion enhancement making it a social event to personalities who have come from around the world, such as Ernest Hemingway , Orson Welles ...