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Sources Ronda wines < / h2 >         

SOURCES WINE ROUND found inside the INTERPRETATION CENTER OF WINE , particularly in its central courtyard . This idea surje during rehabilitation of the old cellar , the usual way to dispense the wine was from a few taps installed at the base of the jars . < / P>         

was traditional that people would bring their own containers ( bottles or jugs ) , the fill sources to pay after the exit , so we propose the use recueperar for the enjoyment of our visitors. As they who supplies wine are served. < / P>         

source enhanced and embellished splendid shown in the central courtyard with its four bronze faucets , arabesques and trims , old and worn pools to pick up leftover wine . < / p> Getting Started

visista so in a fun and entertaining Fuller form appear laughter and photos before you start paser the cellar. < / p>

we discussed this enclave surrounded by centuries of history, and enjoy contemplation brings us back in time to more distant epochs where wine was always loyal companion of man , as part of its cuisine but also of their culture and religion . < / p>

Today thousands of people are passing and the Fountains of wine , contemplate with wonder and taste their wonderful wines , people from all over the world and stand on his journey to our shores , the singular encounter in the sources of wine in Ronda, hundreds of articles and photographs have cast the universal. < / p>