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Andalucía - .
            - Land of Bailen production includes municipalities in the province of Jaén near the town of Bailen. The native grape par excellence is the milling variety , with which various types of wines are produced. In addition , Pedro Ximenez is used for whites, pinks and reds for tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon and grenache for red .
            - O.D. Condado de Huelva includes producing municipalities in the county of County ( Huelva). Origin of Wine called the Discovery of America who came to ' The Indies ' in 1502. The variety of grape is the most abundant white salaam, plus palomino, listán of Huelva , Muscat of Alexandria and Pedro Ximenez among others.
            - Earth CONTRAVIESA -Alpujarra , in the western Alpujarra, used for red wine varieties of Grenache , cabernet franc , pinot noir , syrah , cabernet sauvignon, merlot and tempranillo . For white Jaén white Montua , doggy , Pedro Ximenez , chardonnay and muscat are used.
            - Tierra de Cádiz comprises producing municipalities in the western part of the province of Cádiz . The red wines are made from syrah varieties Monastrell , Merlot , tintilla Rota , petit verdot , cabernet franc , cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo . For whites are used garrido , palomino , chardonnay , muscat, Mantia , doggy , Macabeo , Pedro Ximenez sauvignon blanc .
            - Land of Córdoba covers almost all the province of Córdoba. The red and rose wines are made from grapes pinot noir , syrah , cabernet sauvignon , tempranillo, merlot and tintilla Rota .
            - Tierra del Desierto de Almería is located in the desert part of the province . Red Garnacha , Monastrell , Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are produced. The white varieties are born of chardonnay , muscat, sauvignon blanc and Macabeo .
            - Land of the South -West Granada includes the production of this part of the province of Granada . Their reds are made from grenache , syrah , cabernet sauvignon , pinot noir , tempranillo , merlot and barking . For white grapes used are vijiriego , Pedro Ximenez , chardonnay , muscat of Alexandria , palomino , Macabeo and Sauvignon blanc .
            - O.D. Jerez- Xeres -Sherry covers the development of all wines traditionally called sherry. The grapes used are Pedro Ximenez , muscatel and palomino . This OD legally protects the thin, amontillado , oloroso , palo cortado , pedrojiménez , muscat, Pale Cream, Medium, Cream , VOS and VORS
            - Earth -Alpujarra Laujar includes table wines produced in the eastern part of the Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada between the Sierra de Gador . The varieties used for red wines are Grenache , Monastrell , syrah , cabernet sauvignon, merlot and tempranillo . For white wines white Jaén , Macabeo , vijiriego , Pedro Ximenez , chardonnay and muscat grain often used .
            - Land of the Convention covers the production of several municipalities in the province of Seville area of Dos Hermanas , Alcalá de Guadaira , Utrera and Los Palacios. Its wines are made ​​from white Airen , Sauvignon Blanc and Colombard .
            - The O.D. Manzanilla- Sanlúcar de Barrameda is the only one that protects the wine Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz ) . There known white wines are made with varieties of Jerez palomino , palomino fino , Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel .
            - O.D. Montilla- Moriles wines made in defining these two municipalities of the province of Córdoba. Their white wines are made from the Pedro Ximenez , Muscat, Airen , Verdejo - trivial , Montepila and small grain Muscat grapes.
            - O.D. Málaga and Sierras de Málaga covering substantially all wines made in the province of Málaga . In Málaga liquor or natural sweet wines are produced from grapes ripened based on Muscat of Alexandria , Pedro Ximenez , Moorish Muscat, Lair ( Airen ) , and Romé doradilla . This OD also regulates the amount of the raisins of Malaga.
            - Land North of Granada produces red wines with grapes Grenache , Monastrell , cabernet franc , pinot noir , syrah , cabernet sauvignon, merlot and tempranillo . The whites are made from the Verdejo trivial varieties Airen , Torrontés , palomino, Pedro Ximenez , Chardonnay and Macabeo .
            - Ribera del Andarax defines the production of many municipalities in the province of Almeria on the banks of this river. They make wine with red varieties of cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , grenache , tempranillo, pinot noir and Monastrell , and white varieties of Chardonnay , Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc .
            - Sierra Norte de Sevilla defines the wines made in this region of the province of Seville. They produce red wines : Grenache , cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc , merlot , pinot noir, syrah and petit verdot . The whites are made with chardonnay, Pedro Ximenez , Palomino , Muscat of Alexandria , Colombard and Sauvignon blanc .
            - Sierra Sur de Jaén covers several municipalities south of the province of Jaen. Its red wines are made from Grenache grapes, cabernet sauvignon , merlot , pinot noir, syrah and tempranillo . White with black and chardonnay Jaén .
            - Land of Torreperogil covers production of Ubeda, Torreperojil and adjacent municipalities in the province of Jaén . Red wines with grapes grenache , syrah , cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo are developed. White with white varieties Jaén and Pedro Ximénez .
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            Extremadura - .
            OD Ribera del Guadiana , whose headquarters is Almendralejo in the province of Badajoz.
            Red wines are made with the varieties Grenache , Tempranillo ( Tinto Fino or cencibel ) , Bobal , Cabernet Sauvignon , Graciano, Carignan , Merlot , Monastrell and Syrah. The white wines are made with grapes alarije , Borba ( widespread in Portugal) , white cayetana , pardina , Viura ( Macabeo ) , chardonnay, chelva ( Montua ) , eve of the saints, Malvar , Parellada Pedro Ximenez and Verdejo .
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            Castilla y León - .
            Nine Appellations of Origin :
            - OD Arlanza production includes the Shire of Arlanza between Burgos and Palencia , ie , the middle and lower valleys of the river Arlanza and is headquartered in the town of Lerma ( Burgos). Here also the medieval monks were responsible for implementing these vine crops that have survived until today. The red wines that are made come from the country ink varieties ( Tempranillo) , Mencia , grenache and cabernet sauvignon pervasive . For white Viura (or Macabeo ) grapes are used.
            - OD You arrive comprises the western part of the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca , bordering Portugal and includes 47 towns of small production. For red wines the grapes Juan García ( native ) , Rufete and tempranillo are used , among others. For white wines the processing is carried out from the Verdejo and albillo and other varieties .
            - OD Bierzo , established in the region of the same name , made ​​wines in the valley of the Sil River and only authorized varieties . Mainly red Mencia , although they are introducing tempranillo , merlot and cabernet sauvignon . For white wines with a Doña Blanca and Godello .
            - OD Cigales production covers 13 municipalities in Valladolid Pisuerga watered by the rivers, and located in the town which gives its name : Cigales . The most commonly used for red varieties are Tempranillo and Mencia , and for white wines and albillo Verdejo grapes.
            - OD Ribera del Duero encompasses the production of strip moon about 115 km by the Duero river , which includes 59 municipalities of Burgos, Valladolid 19 18 4 Soria and Segovia , representing more than 20% of the surface dedicated to vine in Spain . Production is basically red wine with its development based on the tempranillo grape , with some cabernet sauvignon , merlot and malbec .
            - OD Rueda wine production covers 57 municipalities of Valladolid, Segovia and 17 2 of Ávila . With virtually alone production of white wine , the Verdejo grape is used , along with sauvignon blanc, Viura (or Macabeo ) and palomino .
            - OD Tierras de León encompassing production east of the province of Leon and some municipalities of Zamora and Valladolid. Its pink and red wines are primarily produced Mencia grape. White with different local varieties.
            - OD Tierra del Vino de Zamora comprises producing the Tierra del Vino (Zamora ) . The varieties used for red wines are tempranillo , grenache and cabernet sauvignon . For white grapes Malvasia use , Muscat, Verdejo , albillo , palomino and godello .
            - OD Toro is composed of the wine industry in 12 municipalities of Zamora and Valladolid taking 3 of Toro ( Zamora) headquarters . The red wines are made with ink varieties Toro ( Tempranillo grape variety ) and Grenache. White wines are sourced from Verdejo and Malvasia grapes.
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            Castilla - La Mancha - .
            - O.D. Almansa covers 8 municipalities in the province of Albacete, headquartered in Almansa, producing red wines from Tempranillo grapes ( cencibel ) , Garnacha and Monastrell and Airen white grape based .
            - O.D. Domain Valdepusa is in the term of Malpica de Tajo ( Toledo ) has a small extension , and reds are made with cabernet sauvignon , merlot, petit verdot and syrah .
            - O.D. La Mancha covers a production area occupies most of the provinces of Toledo, Albacete , Cuenca and Ciudad Real , headquartered in the town of Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). Red wines are made from cabernet sauvignon , merlot , grenache , tempranillo ( cencibel ) and syrah . As for the whites, the grapes are sauvignon blanc , chardonnay, Airen , among others.
            - O.D. Manchuela encompasses 70 municipalities in the provinces of Cuenca and Albacete. Their reds are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot , Grenache , Monastrell , Bobal , Tempranillo ( cencibel ) and syrah . For the white varieties sauvignon blanc , chardonnay, Airen and Macabeo are used.
            - O.D. Mondejar includes 20 municipalities producers west of the province of Guadalajara, is watered by the depression of the Tagus River and is headquartered in the town of Mondejar (Guadalajara ) . Its red and rose wines are made from grapes of cabernet sauvignon , tempranillo ( cencibel ) and Malvar . The white wines are made from the Torrontés and varieties Macabeo .
            - O.D. North méntrida covers municipalities in the province of Toledo, watered by the river Alberche and is headquartered in Méntrida ( Toledo). Their reds are made from cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah and grenache . The white wines are made from Sauvignon Blanc , Macabeo and Chardonnay among others.
            - O.D. Júcar Ribera del Sur is located in the province of Cuenca, watered by the river Júcar and consists of 7 municipalities. Basically red wines made ​​with cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , Tempranillo and Bobal ( cencibel ) .
            - O.D. Uclés covers the western part of the province of Cuenca and some municipalities of the province of Toledo. The production is mainly based on red varieties cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , grenache and tempranillo ( cencibel ) .
            - O.D. Valdepeñas in the south of the province of Ciudad Real hand, presents a great extent. Its red wines are made mainly with Tempranillo ( cencibel ) , with contributions from grenache , cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah and petit verdot . Production targets are based on the use of varieties sauvignon blanc , chardonnay, Airen , Verdejo , Macabeo and Moscatel de Grano Menudo .

Galicia - .
            - Ribeiro Designation of Origin is the oldest in Galicia. Its production area is located in the western part of the province of Orense, with reds , pinks and whites , are young , moderately acidic , with combinations of light and very fruity and floral aromas.
            - Valdeorras is based on creating wines like white Godello and Mencia red and production area is in the eastern part of the province of Orense.
            - Rías Baixas has its production area in the south western part of the province of Pontevedra. Most of its production is white wine Albariño variety , although there are other varieties that other wines are obtained.
            - The Ribeira Sacra , named for being on the banks of the Miño and Sil rivers in the area with the highest number of monasteries and medieval temples. Very interesting red wines made ​​with Mencia grape, also obtained from the white Albariño and Godello .
            - Monterrey is the latest Origin Denomination Galician productions comprising the municipalities of Verin and Monterrey , with good red and white wines .
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            Cantabria - .
            - Cantabrian coast extends from the Atlantic coastal part to the first inland valleys with elevations of about 600m . Red wines from local grapes like Hondarrabi beltza Black and Verdejo and Godello -based whites , Chardonnay and Verdejo .
            - Liébana has the 'capital' town of Potes , encompassing more than five locations . Its red grapes : Mencia , Tempranillo , Garnacha , Graciano, Merlot and Syrah . Among white : palomino, Godello , Verdejo , Clairette and Chardonnay .
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            Basque Country - .
            - Getariako Txakolina ( " Chacolí Guetaria ") is production area comprising the towns of Zarautz , Aia Guetaria and , all in the province of Guipúzcoa, with the native grape variety Hondarribi zuri . The red grape variety also Hondarribi beltza also occur.
            - Bizkaiako Txakolina ( " Chacolí Vizcaya "). This Designation of Origin is headquartered in Leioa ( Lejona ), which is a municipality of Greater Bilbao and Vizcaya includes other municipalities . Lately grape of French origin Folle blanche is used and produces some red variety Hondarribi beltza .
            - Arabako Txakolina ( " Alava Chacolí " ) based in Amurrio (Álava ) and originating chacolí Ayala Valley . The original grape variety is self Hondarribi zuri , and some red variety Hondarribi beltza .
            - La Rioja wine ( " Arabako Errioxa " ) is located in Alava , on the left bank of the Ebro River, between 380 and 500 m altitude . Its basic production is centered in the ink Tempranillo grapes with some other more recently. It produces good wines for further aging.
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            Navarra - .
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            Aragon - .
            - Calatayud is the region whose production covers the western part of the province of Zaragoza including 46 municipalities and is headquartered in the town of Calatayud. Red varieties of cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , tempranillo and grenache . White varieties of Macabeo ( Viura) , Malvasia , white grenache , chardonnay and muscat.
            - Campo de Borja is the wine area extending northwest Zaragoza including 16 municipalities in the natural region of Campo de Borja. His red varieties cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , tempranillo, Grenache and Carignan . White varieties Macabeo ( Viura) , Chardonnay and Muscat of Alexandria .
            - Wine Carignan is the oldest and largest of Aragon origin , extending to the south of the Ebro by the so-called Field of Carignan . Mazuelo inks offers varieties , grenache , tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon . Among white are Macabeo ( Viura) , white grenache , muscat and Parellada .
            - Ribera del Jiloca includes municipalities in the province of Zaragoza and Teruel Jiloca called Shire . Robal produces wines with red varieties , moristel , Monastrell , Bobal , Carignan , Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot , Graciano, Tempranillo , Grenache and Syrah . Among white varieties are Macabeo ( Viura) , Chardonnay and Grenache .
            - Ribera del Queiles spans of Zaragoza and Navarre municipalities included in the district of Queiles river. Produce local wine red varieties cabernet sauvignon , merlot , Graciano, Tempranillo , Grenache and Syrah .
            - Somontano spans the province of Huesca , at the foot of the Pyrenees, and its 'capital' of the population Barbastro, in the county of its name Somontano . Historically, this operation goes back to the Romans and later the monks of medieval monasteries. It produces red wines tempranillo , cabernet sauvignon , merlot, moristel , grenache , parraleta ( Graciano ) , pinot noir and syrah . Among white varieties are Macabeo ( Viura) , white grenache , Alcañón , Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer .
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            Rioja - .
            O.D. Rioja is composed of three zones: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alava.
            The red wines are made with tempranillo grapes (mostly) , Garnacha , Mazuelo and Graciano . For white varieties Viura , Malvasia and Garnacha Blanca are used.
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            Catalonia - .
            - Alella includes municipalities North of Barcelona, ​​in the Maresme region along the Mediterranean . His most characteristic production is white wines from white varieties Pansa ( xarel -lo) , chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, alone or mixed . Production also has pink and fruity red with tempranillo ( ull llebre ) .
            - Empordà , formerly called " Emporda - Costa Brava " Ampurias population is considered as the input of the vine by the Greeks. Produce fresh rosé wines , but also reds with varieties Carignan , Grenache , syrah , cabernet sauvignon , merlot and tempranillo , plus white grapes of Garnacha Blanca , Macabeo and Muscat of Alexandria .
            - OD Catalonia, which was created to provide an outlet for local varieties and blends with other grapes , encompasses 330 municipalities and overlaps with the other ten Appellations of Origin. White varieties are Macabeo , Pansa Blanca ( xarel -lo) , Parellada , Garnacha Blanca , Muscat of Alexandria , Chardonnay , Gewürztraminer , picapoll and others. The red grapes are Tempranillo exploited ( ull llebre ) , it samsó , grenache , grenache hairy , Monastrell , cabernet franc , cabernet sauvignon , merlot , pinot noir and syrah among others.
            - Conca de Barbera is located in the province of Tarragona and historically linked to the Monastery of Poblet. Its basic production is white wine varieties of Macabeo , Parellada and trepat native . It also produces rosé, red and sparkling wines.
            - Costers del Segre extends along the banks of the River Segre in Lleida province . The reds come from varieties Grenache , Tempranillo ( ull llebre ) , cabernet sauvignon , merlot, Monastrell , trepat , samsó , pinot noir and syrah . The white wines are made from Albariño , Macabeo , Pansa Blanca ( xarel -lo) , Parellada , Chardonnay , Grenache , Riesling and sauvignon blanc .
            - Montsant spans 16 municipalities in the province of Tarragona, whose production is red wines based on cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , tempranillo ( ull llebre ) , grenache and petit verdot among others.
            - Penedès takes its name from the Penedès region and covers three subzones . Predominant production of cava , but also offers white and rosé wines needle . For the production of cava Macabeo white varieties are commonly used , Pansa Blanca ( xarel -lo) , Chardonnay and Parellada .
            - Pla de Bages extends Bages , which is the largest in Catalonia, within the province of Barcelona. Red varieties are Grenache , Tempranillo ( ull llebre ) , cabernet sauvignon , merlot, cabernet franc , pinot noir , syrah and malbec . For white grapes Macabeo , Parellada , picapoll , chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and Gewurztraminer are exploited.
            - Priory is located within the province of Tarragona, with vi ; edos settled on slate soils . The red wines are made ​​from the varieties Carignan , Grenache and Grenache hairy and others. For white grapes used are Grenache , Macabeo and Pedro Ximenez . Pink and fortified wines are also produced.
            - Tarragona. This OD determines production in the province of Tarragona in the counties of Rivera d' Ebre and Camp de Tarragona. Predominantly white wine varieties of Parellada , Macabeo , Pansa Blanca ( xarel -lo) and Garnacha Blanca . The reds are made from the Carignan grape , tempranillo ( ull llebre ) sumoll and Grenache.
            - Terra Alta includes municipalities in Tarragona between the Ebro River and the border with Aragon. Predominantly white wine production of white varieties Grenache and Macabeo , senior and big body . Pink and red wines with grapes Carignan , Grenache and Grenache hairy and sweet wine and sweet wine are also produced.
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            Valencia - .
            - Alicante contains two divisions: La Marina, Alicante in the North Coast , and Vinalopó extending through the interior of the province to the border of Castilla -La Mancha and Murcia. For red wines the grapes Garnacha , Monastrell , Tempranillo , Bobal , cabernet sauvignon , merlot , pinot noir and syrah are used. As for whites, made ​​from the finest plant varieties Merseguera , chardonnay, verdil , sauvignon blanc, Airen and Macabeo .
            - Utiel -Requena is located in the west of the province of Valencia, the interior area of ​​the adjoining Basin and continental climate, and winemaking tradition dates back to the seventh century. It produces red , rosé , white and champagne . The varieties used are cabernet sauvignon , merlot , chardonnay, Tempranillo , Garnacha , Bobal , Merseguera plant nova ( native ) , Macabeo , Sauvignon blanc and pinot noir .
            - Valencia. This OD is composed of four sub : Valentin in the northwest of the province ( including Cheste, The Marquis , Golf Liria and Los Serranos ) , Alto Turia west of the province (including the adjoining part of the province of Teruel ) , Moscatel around Western capital Valencia (from sea level to 100m altitude ) and Clariano south of the capital to Gandia and Xativa . Their grapes for red wines are Grenache , Monastrell , syrah , pinot noir , cabernet sauvignon , merlot and Bobal . For white wines the Merseguera varieties , Pedro Ximenez , Malvasia , Muscat , Macabeo , Chardonnay , Forcayat ( Airen ) , thin plant, plant nova , sauvignon blanc, Semillon , and verdil tortosí exploited .
            - Land of Castelló includes wine production inside the province of Castellón , based on municipalities Alto Palencia , Alto Mijares, San Mateo, and Villafamés Useras . The red grapes are used in the region bobal , cabernet sauvignon , grenache , grenache shark, Merlot, Monastrell , pinot noir , tempranillo, syrah and bonicaire . For white chardonnay , Malvasia , Merseguera varieties , Muscat of Alexandria , Pedro Ximenez , fine ground , Macabeo , Airen , nova plant, sauvignon blanc, and verdil tortosí used .
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            Murcia - .
            - Bullas is located in the northwestern part of the province of Murcia, on the inside , occupying nearly half the length of the province. It produces red , pink and white , from cabernet sauvignon grapes , Grenache , Merlot , Monastrell , Tempranillo and Syrah for red , Airen and Macabeo for light and white .
            - Jumilla is a region that encompasses a municipality of Murcia , which is Jumilla, and six municipalities in the province of Albacete: Albatana , Fuente Alamo, Hellin, Montealegre del Castillo, and Ontur Tobarra . The main variety for red is the Monastrell grape, although Grenache , Grenache shark, cencibel ( tempranillo ) and cabernet sauvignon are also used. For the preparation of white liquor is used Airen , Macabeo and Pedro Ximenez .
            - Yecla lies to the east of the province of Murcia with its headquarters in the town of Yecla. Reds are made with grapes from cabernet sauvignon , Grenache , Merlot , Monastrell , Tempranillo and Syrah , and white chardonnay grapes , Malvasia , Airen , Macabeo , and sauvignon blanc Merseguera among others.
            - Abanilla includes the production of two municipalities: Abanilla and Fortuna in the eastern part of the province of Murcia. Bonicaire reds grapes, petit verdot , tempranillo , grenache shark, crujidera , merlot , syrah and cabernet sauvignon among others are developed. For white Chardonnay, Malvasia , sweet Moravia, muscat and sauvignon blanc grain often used among others .
            - Campo de Cartagena Murcia includes municipalities around or near Cartagena coast. For red varieties are bonicaire , petit verdot , tempranillo , grenache shark, crujidera , merlot , syrah and cabernet sauvignon among others. The whites are made from Chardonnay, Malvasia , Sauvignon blanc and sweet Moravia among others.
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            Madrid - .
            Arganda del Rey, and San Martin de Navalcarnero Valdeiglesias . Young reds , pinks and some white are the most representative of this region. The reds are made with tempranillo , grenache , cabernet sauvignon , merlot and syrah . As for the white varieties are used Airen , Macabeo (Viura ) , Parellada , Torrontes , Clairette , Muscat malvar and small grain .
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            Baleares - .
            In this region wines are made with different varieties . For red cabernet sauvignon , merlot , syrah , Tempranillo , Monastrell , indigenous fogoneu , Callet and black robe, and pinot noir are used. To use whites sauvignon blanc , chardonnay, Airen , Muscat , Parellada , Macabeo , Malvasia , Riesling and native moll .
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            Canary - .
            This archipelago encompasses ten OD for its wines : OD Abona, OD La Gomera, OD Gran Canaria, OD El Hierro, OD Lanzarote, OD La Palma , OD Tacoronte -Acentejo , OD Valle de Guimar , OD Orotava Valley and OD Ycoden -Daute -Isora .

France           Denominations

            In regards to the EU wine distinguishes two denominations :
            Table wines : wines in accordance with the laws and judged unfit for consumption ( vins de table in French) .
            The VCPRD : Quality Wine Produced in a Bounded Region ( VQPRD in French Vins de Qualité Produits dans une Région Délimitée )

classification designations of French wines is:
            Table wines
            Table wine countries of the European Union : the must come from a mix from different EU countries
            French table wine : the grapes come exclusively from France
            Wine country (they are officially a category table wines )
            Departmental Wine Country: produced in a department such as Vin de Pays de l' Aude
            Local wine country : or " zone ", produced in an area narrower than the department : a place name , a hillside ...
            Regional wine country : produced in a "region " in the non- administrative sense , as vins de pays Portes de Mediterranee
            VQPRD ( VCPRD in Spanish )
            AOVDQS : Appellation d'Origine Vin Qualité Supérieure Refine ( Designation of Origin Delimited Wine of Superior Quality ) . Very often a springboard to the AOC .
            AOC : Appellation d' Origine Contrôlée ( Denomination of Controlled Origin ) .
            Generic AOC ( AOC as Bordeaux, Burgundy , Alsace , Beaujolais ... )
            Regional AOC ( AOC Coteaux du as Tricastin , Côtes du Forez , Médoc ... )
            Municipal AOC ( AOC as Chablis, Margaux, l' Étoile , Cassis ... )
            There are also within the AOC , an internal system that distinguishes between " Crus " , "Premiers crus ", " Grands crus " or other designations , but differs by region. There is also talk of crus referring to two different things. In general , the term cru vineyard premium , payment or terroir , is the sense that you have within the AOC Grand Cru wines and what the Academy dictionary defines as " certain District lands or lands , especially vineyards or olive groves. " In Burgundy grand crus and premiers crus are owned several , while in one cru Bordeaux is an individual . Cru also part of expressions like vin du cru , meaning wine or country wine cru is also the breeding , you must first mature cask and then bottled .
            Classification criteria According to French wine color (in French la robe , literally "the woman" )
            Vin blanc ( white wine)
            Vin rouge ( red wine)
            Vin Rose ( rose wine )
            Vin gris ( gray wine)
            According to the proportion of natural sugars ( still wine )
            Vin sec ( dry wine , less than 2g of sugar per liter of wine)
            Vin demi -sec ( semi-dry wine, between 2g and 30g of sugar per liter of wine)
            Vin moelleux ( honeyed wine, between 30g and 50g of sugar per liter of wine)
            Vin liquoreux ( sweet wine , more than 50g of sugar per liter of wine)
            According to the proportion of sugar liquor issue (in the case of sparkling wine use )
            Nature Brut ( Brut nature , without any expedition liqueur added )
            Extra - brut ( Extrabrut until 6g of sugar per liter of liquor)
            Brut ( Brut, up to 15g of sugar per liter of liquor)
            Extra -sec ( extra dry , 12g to 20g of sugar per liter of liquor)
            Sec ( Dry, 17g to 35g of sugar per liter of liquor)
            Demi -sec ( Semiseco , à 33g 50g of sugar per liter of liquor)
            Doux (sweet , more than 50g of sugar per liter of liquor)
                     Top wine regions


Beaujolais vineyards ( V. du Beaujolais )
            Bordeaux vineyards ( V. de Bordeaux)
            Vineyard Burgundy ( Bourgogne V. )
            Vineyard Champagne ( Champagne V. )
            Vineyard Corsica ( Corse V. )
            Jura vineyards ( V. du Jura )
            Languedoc vineyard ( V. du Languedoc )
            Vineyard Provence ( V. de Provence )
            Vineyard Roussillon ( V. du Roussillon)
            Savoy Vineyard ( V. de Savoie )
            Southwest Vineyard ( V. du Sud-Ouest )
            Loire Valley Vineyard ( V. du Val -de -Loire)
            Vineyard in the Rhone valley ( V. des Côtes du Rhône)
            Smaller regions           

vineyard slopes of the Lyonnais ( V. des Coteaux du Lyonnais )
            Vineyard Bugey ( V. du Bugey )
            Vineyard Lorraine ( Lorraine V. )
            Vineyard Ile de France ( V. d' Île -de -France )           


GERMANY           Regions

Quality Wine Production ( Qualitätswein ) What is called as Qualitätswein (quality wine ) by the German laws for wine production occurs in thirteen regions , this wine represents 90 % of production in Germany :
            Ahr .
            Baden .
            Hessische Bergstraße
            Mosel -Saar- Ruwer
            Saale- Unstrut
            The acreage of this type Wines ( Qualitätswein ) in 2004 is about 102,240 Ha.s.
            Regions of Table Wine Production wine regions for the production of table wine ( Tafelwein ) :
            Bayern ( Zone of the Danube, Main and Lindau )
            Oberrhein ( Zone Burgengau and Römertor )
            Rhein -Mosel (Mosel and Rhein Area )
            Shire Stargarder
            Types of Wines           

There is a classification of German wines , which all should know and understand that German law requires classifying the type of wine in the bottle labels , these categories :
            Tafelwein Deutscher ( German title for table wines )
            Deutscher Landwein ( Regional Wine , alhohol least 9-10% ( depending on the region in which it originates )
            Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete ( QbA )
            Qualitätswein mit Prädikat ( QmP ) Wines under this designation are top quality, within this category may be different depending Prädikat Sugar must, in ascending order are :
            Eiswein ( Ice wine )           

White Grapes           

The list could be distinguished by importance , but also the wine region , the list contine grapes best known
            Grape Riesling ( Klingelberger )
            Müller- Thurgau grape
            Silvaner grape
            Uva Kerner
            Uva Scheurebe
            Gewürztraminer grape
            Grauer Burgunder or Ruländer (Grape Pinot Gris )
            Weisser Burgunder (Grape Pinot Blanc)
            Red Grapes           Blauer

pinot noir and Frühburgunder (Grape Pinot Noir )
            Uva Blauer Portugieser
            Uva Dornfelder
            Blauer Trollinger grapes
            Schwarzriesling (Grape Pinot Meunier )
            Lemberger grape
            Uva Regent           



wine regions of California are often divided into 4 main regions
            North Coast - Includes most of North Coast ( California) , north of San Francisco Bay . The vast North Coast AVA covers most of the region. The most famous wine regions are Napa Valley and Sonoma County AVAs between small areas within regions . Mendocino and Lake County are also part of this region.           

            Central Coast - Includes most of the Central Coast of California and the area south and west of the Bay of San Francisco to Santa Barbara County . The large Central Coast AVA covers the region . Between the wine regions in this area include Santa Clara Valley AVA , Santa Cruz Mountains AVA , San Lucas AVA , Paso Robles AVA , Santa Maria Valley AVA and the Santa Ynez Valley .           

            South Coast - Includes portion of Southern California , ie , coastal areas south of Los Angeles to the border with Mexico . Between the wine regions in this area include Temecula Valley AVA , Antelope Valley / Leona Valley AVA , Pasqual Valley AVA and Raoma Valley AVA .           

            Central Valley - Includes California 's Central Valley and the Sierra Foothills AVA . Between the wine regions in this area include the Lodi AVA .
            Grapes and wines
            Old wine of Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyMás a hundred grape varieties are grown in California including French grape Spanish and Italian , as well as hybrid grapes and new varieties ' vitis vinifera developed at the University of California, Department of Viticulture and Enology . The seven main grape varieties are:
            Cabernet Sauvignon
            Pinot noir
            Sauvignon blanc
            Other red wine grapes include Barbera , Cabernet franc , Carignane , Grenache , Malbec, Mouvedre , Petit Sirah , Petit Verdot and Sangiovese . The main white wine grapes include Chenin blanc , French Colombard , Gewürztraminer , Marsanne , Muscat Canelli , Pinot blanc, Pinot gris , Riesling , Roussane , Sémillon , Trousseau gray and Viognier .           



            Catamarca Argentinië
            DO Famatina Valley Argentinië
            DO Famatina Valley Argentinië
            La Pampa Argentinië
            La Rioja Argentinië
            La Rioja DO Argentinië
            Mendoza Argentinië
            Mendoza DO Argentinië
            Neuquén Argentinië
            Black River Argentinië
            Skip Argentinië
            San Juan

            Adelaide Hills South Australia
            South Australia Adelaide Plains
            Alpine Valleys Victoria
            Barossa Valley, South Australia Australia
            Beechworth Victoria
            Bendigo Victoria
            Blackwood Valley Western Australia
            Canberra District Australië
            Central Victoria DO Australië
            Clare Valley South Australia
            Coonawarra Australië
            Cowra Australië
            Cowra DO Australië
            Currency Creek South Australia
            Eden Valley South Australia
            Geographe Western Australia
            Gippsland Victoria
            Gouburn Valley Australië
            Grampians Victoria
            Granite Belt Queensland
            Great Southern Western Australia
            Gundagai Australië
            Hastings River Australië
            Heathcote Victoria
            Victoria Henty
            Hilltops Australië
            Hunter Valley - Upper Australië
            Lower Hunter Valley- Australië
            Kangaroo Island South Australia
            King Valley Victoria
            Langhorne Creek South Australia
            Macedon Ranges Victoria
            Manjimup Western Australia
            Margaret River Western Australia
            McLaren Vale South Australia
            Mornington Peninsula Victoria
            South Australia Mount Benson
            Mount Benson DO Australië
            Mudgee Australië
            Murray Darling Australië
            Orange New South Wales
            Padthaway Australië
            Pemberton Western Australia
            Perth Hills Western Australia
            Pyrenees Victoria
            Riverina Australië
            Riverland South Australia
            Rutherglen Victoria
            New South Wales Shoalhaven Coast
            South Burnett Queensland
            South Eastern Australia Australië
            South Eastern Australia DO Australië
            Southern Fleurieu South Australia
            Sunbury Victoria
            Swan District Western Australia
            Tasmania Victoria
            Tumbarumba New South Wales
            Wrattonbully South Australia
            Yarra Valley Victoria

            Strouma Valley
            Thracian Valley
            Thracian Valley DO
            Vin de Table Bulgaria
            British Columbia
            Table wine
            Ászár - Neszmély Hongarije
            Badacsony Hongarije
            Balatonboglár Hongarije
            Balatonfelvidék Hongarije
            Balatonfüred - Csopak Hongarije
            Balatonmelléke Hongarije
            Bükkalja Hongarije
            Eger Hongarije
            Etyek -Buda Hongarije
            Kunság Hongarije
            Pannonhalma - Sokoróalja Hongarije
            Szekszárd Hongarije
            Tokaj foothills
            Albana di Romagna DOCG Emilia Romagna
            Alcamo Sicily
            Trentino Alto Adige
            Friuli Aquileia
            Asti Piemonte
            Barbaresco DOCG Piedmont
            Barbera d' Alba Piemonte
            Barbera d' Asti Piemonte
            Barbera d' Asti DOC Italië
            Piemonte Barbera del Monferrato
            Bardolino Veneto
            Barolo Piemonte
            Barolo DOCG Italië
            Benaco Bresciano IGT Lombardia
            Bianchello the Marche Metaurus
            Marche Bianco dei Colli Maceratesi
            Bianco della Toscana Valdinievole
            Bianco di Custoza Veneto
            Bianco di Pitigliano Tuscany
            Bianco di Emilia Romagna Scandiano
            Bianco Pisano di San Torpe Tuscany
            Vergine Valdichiana Bianco Toscana
            Biferno Molise
            Boca Piemonte
            Bolgheri Tuscany
            Bosco Eliceo Emilia Romagna DOC
            Brachetto d' Acqui DOCG Piemonte
            Bramaterra Piemonte
            Breganze Veneto
            Tuscany Brunello di Montalcino
            Candia dei Colli Toscana Apuani
            Carema Piemonte
            Tuscany Carmignano DOCG
            Chianti Tuscany
            Chianti Classico Tuscany
            Chianti DOC Italië
            Colli di Veneto Trevigniani
            Orientali Colli del Friuli Friuli
            Colli Tortonesi Piemonte
            Colline Lucchesi Tuscany
            Goriziano Friuli Collio
            Monferrato Piemonte Cortese dell'Alto
            DO Monferrato Cortese dell'Alto Italië
            Piemonte DOCG dogliani
            Dolcetto d' Acqui Piemonte
            Dolcetto d' Asti Piemonte
            Dolcetto delle Langhe Piemonte Monregalesi
            Dolcetto di Diano d' Alba Piemonte
            Dolcetto di Piemonte DOGLIANI
            Dolcetto di Piemonte OVADA
            Dolcetto d' Alba Piemonte
            Emilia IGT Italië
            Erbaluce Caluso di Piemonte
            Fara Piemonte
            DOCG Franciacorta Lombardia
            Freisa d' Asti Piemonte
            Chieri freisa di Piemonte
            Gabiano Piemonte
            Gambellara Veneto
            Gattinara DOCG Piemonte
            Gavi DOCG Piemonte
            Piemonte DOCG ghemme
            Grave del Friuli Friuli
            Grignolino d' Asti Piemonte
            Grignolino del Monferrato Piemonte Casalese
            IGT Emilia Emilia Romagna
            IGT Marche Marche
            Puglia IGT Puglia
            IGT Salento Puglia
            Sicilia IGT Sicilia
            Toscana IGT Toscana
            IGT Veneto Veneto
            Friuli Isonzo
            Lambrusco di Sorbara Emilia Romagna
            Grasparossa di Castelvetro Lambrusco Emilia Romagna
            Reggiano Lambrusco Emilia Romagna
            Lessona Piemonte
            Lugana Veneto
            Malvasia di Casorzo d'Asti Piemonte
            Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco Piedmont
            Marche IGT Italië

            Beni M'tir
            Beni M'tir DO
            New Zealand
            East Coast
            East Coast DO

            Alcobaça Portugal
            Alenquer Portugal
            Alentejo Portugal
            Arruda Portugal
            Azores Portugal
            Portugal Bairrada
            Beira Interior Portugal
            DO Portugal Beiras
            Caparica Portugal
            DO Dao Portugal
            Douro Portugal
            Estremadura Portugal
            Porto Portugal
            DO Porto Portugal
            Terras do Sado Portugal
            Portugal Vinho table
            Portugal Vinho Regional Ribatejano
            Vinho Verde
            South Africa
            Cape Point Zuid- Afrika
            Coastal Region South Africa
            Coastal region Zuid- Afrika DO
            Franschhoek South Africa
            Klein Karoo South Africa
            South Africa Olifants River
            Zuid- Afrika Oranjerivier
            Paarl South Africa
            Zuid- Afrika Paarl DO
            Zuid- Afrika Robertson
            Robertson OJ Zuid- Afrika
            Stellenbosch South Africa
            Zuid- Afrika Stellenbosch DO
            Swartland South Africa
            Tulbagh South Africa
            Zuid- Afrika Westkaap
            Zuid- Afrika Westkaap DO
            Worcester South Africa
            Vin blanc Suisse
          Major wine producing valleys in Chile
          Valley Cachapoal
          Casablanca Valley
          Colchagua Valley
          Curico Valley
          Valley Limarí
          Maipo Valley
          Maule Valley
          Rapel Valley
          Valle de San Antonio