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Bodegas Blood Round this information space dedicated to travel agencies , wholesalers, groups and tours , in order to facilitate the work of these companies know when Bodegas products Blood Round offers . Blood

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Bodegas de Ronda has a large range of possibilities within the wine tourism :         

  • Availability of an important cultural and tourist space : Wine Museum of Ronda .
  • building, with a covered main patio facilitating group visits to weather.         
  • tours through their themed rooms.         Tastings
  • directed .         
  • Gastronomic activities : breakfast, lunch and dinner .         
  • workshops and wine tasting school .         
  • Tasting courses at different levels ( scheduled dates )         
  • Tourism : activities in the field .         
  • Special events: grape stomp , flamenco parties .         

    Addition to the activities listed and we can study the performance of any other product that we propose business .         
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    " We are already the third most visited monument in private after the Ronda bullring and the Santa Maria church and cheaper for their groups, half the price " This century was also marked by great political instability n the several constitutions succeeded ; Regencies ; Reigns as Isabel II Amadeo I of Savoy Alfonso XII; interim governments as the Democratic Presidential term and the first Republic

    During the French occupation the population was subject to the payment of many taxes . Moreti up in his History of Round the daily demands of food that claimed the French to our council , including the largest item was intended for wine ( 58 pounds and a half) and spirits (20 pounds ) and many other foods . ( 1 arroba = 16 L )

    The situation came to suffocate the local economy , deciding that a commission expusiese the French commander of the city, crossing the delicate situation , as is reported that the livestock industry has been reduced to less than half . Nor farming lies in its better moments of the twelve banks of gardens that make up this term are ruined in their third and aranzadas of 2,500 vines only produce half " ( 695 hectares produce unos2.432.500 liters). This was really due to huge Rondeños who took arms, leaving normal occupations. So much so that in just three years the population dropped from 15,600 to just 5,000 HB , mostly elderly, women and children. These figures are quickly recovered thanks to the extraordinary development of the wine industry and strong exports ( gold wine season in Andalusia ) .

    born 1809-1835 the main laws of the Confiscation , passed into private hands some 30,000 hectares in the term of Ronda. Many of these were devoted to vineyards , some already were , is the heyday of vineyards in our region , becoming such, that was one reason to endanger forests Spanish fir , which suffered a marked recoil.

    Pascual Madoz 1845 performs statistical - Geographical - Historical Dictionary of Spain and its overseas possessions . In the performed a detailed study of the whole region , observed that in all the towns and villages lot of wine and brandy is produced in most is the dominant crop and at least one major source of vital income in the mountain economy. grape treading " bare foot grape " was pressed after the press such as " Beam " and then moved on with the horses bottles to wineries to wine there , with his spoils brandy and vinegar. the production of spirits was , as we have said , very important. It was sold to British merchants brought to Gibraltar, where I export among other places Suez Canal workers at this time of its construction ...

    Reign of Fernando VII.

    Once the Napoleonic troops are expelled from Spain , Fernando VII (nicknamed the desired ) begins to reign in Spain from 1814 to 1833. This reign was marked by three stages: Stage Absolutist (1814-1820) , The Liberal Triennium (1820-1833) and the Ominous Decade ( 1823-1833 ) .

    Reign of Elizabeth II.

    Fernando VII died on September 29, 1833 when her daughter Isabel II had only three years old. During the minority of his daughter, Mary took the throne Cristina wife of Ferdinand VII. In 1843 Elizabeth was declared of age only 13 years so that I could start governing . Elizabeth II 's reign was marked by successive Carlist Wars and the regency of General Espartero. This reign ended in 1868 with the victory of the Glorious Revolution in which the General Prim expelled Reign of Elizabeth II and established a provisional government.

    Democratic Presidential term .

    Democratic Presidential term is known from the period of the history of Spain since the triumph of the revolution of September 1868 until December 1874 ruling that marked the beginning of the period known as the Restoration.

    rondeña population would be around 19,307 (Rodrigues Martines ) , this evolutionary sense dragging dramatically broken by the appearance of xilofera in 1868 , this dynamic population breaks and begins a decline throughout the region , producing emigration to larger cities such as Malaga and Sevilla and to a lesser number to Argentina , the disappearance of one of the main livelihood for laborers , porters , turners , blacksmiths, and coopers odreros , common occupations in our region .

    Reign of Amadeo of Savoy ( 1870-1873 )

    After the revolution of 1868 in Spain was proclaimed a constitutional monarchy . Finally on November 16, 1870 with the support of the progressive wing of the Parliament and of the Chartists , Amadeo is elected King.

    First Spanish Republic.

    (1873-1874) The First Spanish Republic was proclaimed on February 11, 1873 by the Parliament lasted eleven months in four presidents succeeded .

    Bourbon Restoration

    known as the Bourbon Restoration period spanning from the pronouncement of General Martinez Campos in 1874 , ending with the First Republic , and the proclamation of the Second Republic on April 14, 1931 . This era began with the reign of Alfonso XII son of Elizabeth II. a policy of this reign was marked by the shift of parties with which the Conservative and Liberal party were alternating in government.

    In 1877 , the population had tripled in the province of Málaga in a hundred years , the main reason was the huge vineyard development by the prestige of the "mountain wine" or wines mountain. But the appearance of phylloxera in 1878 caused great economic and demographic crisis in Round

    At this time , namely December 15, 1873 , began the famous " Round Cork Litigation " for the right to harvest cork municipal property, a real fortune.

    long desired fact happens in these days . opening Algeciras- Bobadilla railway This would help significantly to the input and output for major wine cellars end of this century and the next. Musts and alcohols La Mancha and Cordoba were brought and exported to Jerez and Malaga in bulks and servants , while sold in all markets, including foreign .

    Start a sad time for laborers Ronda , in which a real famine was exacerbated with the loss of crops Jerez , where they used to go vintage wing lived .

    Reign of Alfonso XIII.

    It was proclaimed King at his birth and reigned until his death.1 . His mother held the regency during the minority of the King. In 19022 , at age 16 , he was declared of age and assumed the constitutional functions of Head of State.

    His reign was marked by government control by the army with the figures of Miguel Primo de Rivera , General Berenguer and Admiral Aznar.

    dictatorship of Primo de Rivera

    September 13, 1923 the Captain General of Catalonia, Miguel Primo de Rivera revolts against the government and gives a coup . After the municipal elections of 1931 , April 14 was proclaimed the Second Republic and ending the Bourbon Restoration in Spain .

    In 1877 , the population had tripled in the province of Málaga in a hundred years , the main reason was the huge vineyard development by the prestige of the "mountain wine" or wines mountain. But the appearance of phylloxera in 1878 caused great economic and demographic crisis in Ronda, this was the dependence of the sector.

    nineteenth century, according to Maldonado Rosso, produce one of the most genuine wines of Andalusia fine . Wine , along with the brandy, for many decades would be the flagship of the wineries. Despite the severe commercial crisis of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, due to abuse of adulteration in wines of Malaga and Jerez crisis that shook the wine sector.

    Spanish Second Republic

    The Second Republic was proclaimed on April 14, 1931 , after the departure of King Alfonso XIII, in view of the adverse results from monarchical nominations in major provincial capitals in municipal elections held on April 12, 1931 , as well as the finding of a lack of popular support from both political and social strata as the military or law enforcement .

    recovery phase began in the thirties , is confirmed by the boom that followed between forty and sixty years of the twentieth century. The system of hatcheries and sills , unique to the framework of Jerez, influenced Western Andalusian wine bar , dragging behind areas of the county, The Alcor , and to some extent Montilla- Moriles , rondeña production also was infected , in fact was how our upbringings who acquired wineries , reaching very high quality wines as Fino Narvaez NARVAEZ cELLARS or wINERY Solera Summit URRUTI PEREZ .

    Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War (July 17, 1936 - April 1, 1939 ) , has been regarded as the preamble of the Second World War drama Apart from the civil conflict that resulted , led by the Nationalist victory . General Franco marked the establishment of a dictatorship for thirty-six years.