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wine Project

Since 1985 fascination with growing grapes and making their wines we create a growing need for deeper and get to know this wonderful world.                 
Following this knowledge began conducting practice in our environment and to obtain and study the first results. The progress of viticulture in Ronda in those years can get to know the first fruits of quality wines from the hands of winemaker Friederich Shatz, personal friend, are holding important positions and reference among the most famous wine criticism.                   Round
Ronda In these ideal conditions presuponíamos to produce wines of the highest quality were given, the reality in this case warranted to history, the ancient name of ACINIPO round, "land of wine".

The enlargement process knowledge in land continues Jerez, Huelva and Malaga. There we had the opportunity to get into the craft and traditional production of our most traditional wines.                 
know the processes of vinification and aging of these special wines. Also know the potential of the most common species in these payments wine, Pedro Ximenez, Airen, list, palomino, salaam etc ... Knowing the ways and times of the tasks of the vineyard in Andalucia adapted to our weather followed by a special management direct diseases and pests in our own vineyard region.

entire period of study with traditional learning and the introduction of new species of red grapes grapes was only a step , select the most appropriate in terms of quality wine we wanted to develop species. The story could not lend much support , Andalusians reds do not have a long run .                 free
The solution came for a journey through the different wine regions comparing climatic conditions , varieties with better adaptation and offering better organoleptic profile . From Leon to Somontano , from Rioja Rivera , from the banks of the Guadiana priory , a period of reflection before the final work.                 free
comes time to start laying the first stone, it comes to selecting the plot for planting the vines after analyzing soil and compares various enclaves with different heights and sun exposure we decided on the so-called " pot pit " a place of singular beauty and terrain conditions and extraordinary coat , chose a sloping plot , with plenty of limestone , we analyze the conditions of texture, structure and depth. Then the corresponding chemical analysis and biological bigger .                 By registering free
farm we discovered that corresponds to an ancient place of vineyards known in antiquity for the quality of its wines and then referred to as " Pay Matatoros ." Name that fascinated us and immediately checked for any of our wines.                 free
wanted to do an urban winery in the style of ancient customs and usages and seek location within the city of Ronda , a difficult task that ultimately gave only option an ancient winery , located in the historical center .                 A singular free
mansion seemed could house our dream , technical difficulties in health and strict conservation of cultural heritage made ​​unviable enclave that endeavor . Yet we gave a twist to the project and we become such installations museum also houses the offices of the company and use the wonderful enclave as receptive center of the company to institutional and wine -related activities.                 However

fit perfectly in the philosophy of social enterprise we intended to give effect , reverse in society which we received it , so an important part of the profits of the company will be used to maintain a center of studies on wine and keep the new generations and visitors informed of how it was in our county a winery operation daily tasks of developing their votes and countless gadgets that were lost forever.                 free
In 2006 our first wines were made and since then we continue to shape a project whose horizon we place in 2020 and in which every day we are adding our work to do someday get one of the great wines of the world .                 free
We understand how much we have left but it gives us encouragement to see what we have achieved .